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The Society, which was founded in 1928, is made up of people with interests in the life and work of Samuel Johnson, his circle and his times. We welcome all who share these or similar interests. We have members in many parts of the world in addition to the UK, including Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, Switzerland and the USA.

Details of membership

We welcome contact with fellow Johnsonians, and especially enjoy meeting those visiting London. Contact Details

The Society holds seven meetings each year. In recent years, there have been papers on such topics as Johnson on the theatre and on Shakespeare, The Rambler, the Dictionary, Irene, and the Life of Pope. More general subjects have been the Bluestockings, the eighteenth century response to miracles, and the moral responsibility of the novelist. Such figures as James Boswell, Fanny Burney, Richard Sheridan and Samuel Richardson have been considered. Speakers have included David Fairer on Thomas Warton, David Nokes on Swift and on Gay, Conor Cruise O'Brien on Burke and Roy Porter on Hogarth. Philip Howard, Richard Ingrams, Christopher Ricks, P D James, Beryl Bainbridge and Boris Johnson have also addressed the Society.

The papers are published in our annual journal, the New Rambler together with articles and book reviews. The Society also publishes an occasional newsletter the New Idler. Details of the current programme.

The Society is run by a Committee, and supported by a distinguished Honorary President and Vice-Presidents.

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